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Ochrona komputera przed atakami hakerskimi i malware

Cyber threats related to the war in Ukraine

Russia's war against Ukraine is associated with numerous threats, including in our country, in particular in terms of increasing cyber attacks and the spreading of malware.

In this regard, we remind you of a few basic cybersecurity principles:
  • Keep your software up-to-date. The use of well-known vulnerabilities in older versions of the software is the most common and easiest way to launch a hacking attack.
  • Use strong passwords and two-level authentication It's a good idea to use secure password storage software and to use different, complicated passwords everywhere. For more information on passwords, see our previous publication:
  • Don't click on links in the news if you're not sure where they're from. Recently the phishing technique, i.e. sending links leading to phishing websites, has become a very popular type of the cyber attack. Messages often contain click-through content, such as information about a win, promotion or the need to protect data. Clicking on the link causes the installation of malicious software allowing hackers to hijack your computer or mobile device.
  • Use legitimate plug-ins that block unwanted content  in web browsers. Most anti-virus programs offer the option of installing special extensions in web browsers. They verify visited addresses and warn against accessing a dangerous website.
  • Don't share sensitive data through e-mails or via instant messaging. Messages or phone calls sent by people pretending to be state authorities or bank representatives are often a way to obtain unauthorised access to data or to steal funds. The crooks may ask for access data to verify identity or to log in via a site that resembles the original, but transmits the data to the hackers' servers.
  • Regularly perform the backup of data and systems operated by your company, and perform data tests. Many attacks during the war are not designed to encrypt data and extort a ransom, but to wipe them completely. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the copy of the company's data and systems is always up-to-date and easy to restore.
  • Regularnie wykonuj backup danych i systemów Twojej firmy oraz przeprowadzaj testy odtworzeniowe. Wiele ataków w czasie wojny nie ma na celu zaszyfrowanie danych i wymuszanie okupu, ale całkowite ich wyczyszczenie. Niezbędna zatem jest dbałość o przechowywanie zawsze aktualnej i łatwej do odtworzenia kopii danych i systemów firmowych.
  • Protect Access to corporate resources using dedicated secure solutions or the VPN mechanism.
  • Don't connect via untrusted wireless networks. A safer solution is to use the smartphone Internet sharing option (“personal hotspot”).

If you are not sure whether your company is sufficiently protected against modern cyber threats, write to us:[email protected]. We will carry out an audit and offer optimal solutions to ensure IT security.

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