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A reliable backup solution with advanced Disaster Recovery for any business.  

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    Administratorem danych osobowych jest Direct IT spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością, ul. Jana Henryka Dąbrowskiego 273A, 60-412 Poznań, e-mail: Zachęcamy Cię do zapoznania się z naszą Polityką Prywatności, w której informujemy o celu, okresie i podstawach prawnych przetwarzania danych osobowych, a także o prawach, jakie przysługują osobom, których przetwarzane dane osobowe dotyczą, i podmiotach, z którymi współpracujemy w ramach przetwarzania danych.

    Why choose Acronis Cyber Protect from Direct IT?

    Complete protection of any IT infrastructure:

    Direct IT, with the help of Acronis Cyber Protect, can design and implement backup copies in your company, regardless of the complexity of the infrastructure or its size. Protect every bit of your data, no matter what technology you use or the amount of data you generate.

    Professional Disaster Recovery plan using Acronis:

    With the help of Acronis Cyber Protect, it is possible to prepare a Disaster Recovery plan in your company. Based on the risk assessment and identification of critical business resources, a backup and recovery strategy is created, and adjusted to the organization's capabilities, the scale of its operations and potential threats.  

    Minimising company downtime:

    Thanks to the use of Acronis Cyber Protect as part of a well-prepared Disaster Recovery strategy, even in the event of large hardware failures and disasters, we are able to quickly restore the company's operations using servers in the cloud.


    Microsoft 365/Workspace backup (Cloud to Cloud – No bandwidth load):

    A backup copy of the entire environment allows you to restore individual files, messages or emails.

    Various recovery times:

    Customisable RPO parameters for each key application and each dataset. Let's determine what is most important for your company.

    AES 256 encrypted backup:

    Kopie zapasowe są szyfrowane przy pomocy algorytmu do szyfrowania danych – AES 256, który został przyjęty przez National Institute of Standards and Technology jako standard. Obecnie algorytm ten jest uważany za jeden z najbezpieczniejszych, niemożliwy do złamania. Dzięki wykorzystaniu AES 256 możesz mieć pewność bezpieczeństwa danych.

    Blockchain certification:

    Ensure the integrity of your data with innovative Acronis Notary technology, based on a blockchain that protects your files against attacks aimed at damage or forgery.

    Cost optimization:

    When designing a backup copy using Acronis Cyber Protect, our specialists help you to adjust the scope and advancement of the backup copy to the requirements of your company.

    Monitoring, testing and optimisation:

    Direct IT provides monitoring, testing and optimisation services for backup copies made using Acronis Cyber Protect. As a result, your company can be sure that the backups are safe and made in the most optimal way.

    Store your data wherever you want::

    Acronis Cyber Protect allows you to store your data locally on your servers or NAS devices, as well as in the cloud, in a data center located in Warsaw.

    Vulnerability Assessment and #CyberFit Score:

    Thanks to the #CyberFit Score, Direct IT is able to monitor the security status of your company and act proactively in protecting against cyber threats.

    With Acronis Cyber Protect, your company can be secured against data loss and become downtime-resistant

    Every enterprise is at risk of losing critical data. Data loss can lead to costly downtimes, customer dissatisfaction, loss of profits or even statutory penalties. Direct IT helps your company to achieve an extremely high level of security and ensure business continuity.  

    How does Acronis Cyber Protect work?

    Acronis Cyber Protect is a reliable backup solution with extensive Disaster Recovery support for any business. It can protest any IT infrastructure environment and minimise downtimes at optimal costs.


    Physical environments
    • Windows Server
    • Windows Server Essentials
    • Linux

    • Microsoft Exchange
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Microsoft SharePoint
    • Microsoft Active Directory
    • Oracle Database

    • Microsoft 365
    • G Suite
    • Azure
    • Amazon EC2

    Virtual environments
    • VMware vSphere
    • Microsoft Hyper-V
    • Citrix XenServer
    • Red Hat Virtualization
    • Linux KVM
    • Oracle VM Server

    Mobile devices
    • iPhone, iPad
    • Android

    End devices
    • Windows PC
    • G Suite
    • Azure
    • Mac