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Case Study

Metropol Group – management of shopping malls

Metropol Group bought five shopping malls and turned to us with the following tasks:

  • managing a chain of shopping malls from a newly created office in Warsaw
  • implementation of consistent and secure communication
  • providing the necessary hardware, software and network (IT) infrastructure in all locations

The task was completed through:

  • cooperation with the IT company of the previous owner
  • audit of all locations
  • supply of equipment, control and installation of software, solving the users’ problems
  • installation of a network based on Mikrotik routers
  • migration of document flow to Google Workspace and email to Gmail
  • transfer of the accounting department to new computers with special security conditions and taking into account all needs of the department

After implementing new solutions, Direct IT takes care of the gallery network in the following areas:

  • network operation monitoring
  • service and supply of IT equipment
  • consumables supply