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 We specialize in comprehensive IT service and support for companies (outsourcing IT).

We offer IT service and support, solutions in the field of communicationsafety and 
telecommunication installations. 

We are characterized by speed of reaction and flexibility, good contact with customers and high competences.

Jesteśmy na rynku od 2010 roku, mamy doświadczenie z ponad 700 wdrożeń, ponad 200 km wykonanych instalacji, pod opieką ponad 100 firm i ponad 25 000 monitorowanych parametrów infrastruktury informatycznej.

We act proactively and constantly broaden our knowledge and expertise to advise and implement the best solutions, but also to anticipate potential threats.

We communicate in a simple language and we focus on transparency when providing services.  

We ensure business continuity in the field of IT.