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Building computer networks

WE have many years of experience in building telecommunication and electrical installations. We have experience in small and large installations, covering entire facilities, as well as special installations in facilities with “difficult working conditions”. We have worked for hotels, manufacturing companies, medical companies, fitness clubs, supermarkets, shopping malls, educational institutions and construction companies. 

We provide comprehensive indoor, outdoor, overhead and underground installations, and also design facilities, offices, server rooms and special rooms.

We execute all our projects based on recognised international standards and codes, we can certify the networks we build and provide a 25-year warranty.

The most common installations are:

  • network installations, copper cable capable of reaching speeds of 1/10/40 Gbit/s
  • signal, specialised and control installations using RS-232/422/485 signals for machines, robots and other controlled devices.
  • fibre optic installations
  • WiFi wireless networks
  • dedicated power supply installation
  • video monitoring installations
  • access control and working time recording systems installations
  • alarm, anti-burglary and fire protection systems

If you need IT support and assistance for your company, just contact us.
Together we can find optimal solutions for your company.

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