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Migrations to the Data Center (physical equipment, databases, servers)

Direct IT offers support in the transfer of server infrastructure or data to the Data Center. These are special buildings or rooms adapted to provide the highest quality hosting services. They are equipped with uninterrupted and reliable power supply, surge protection and an emergency power supply system. WAN access by many Internet providers ensures uninterrupted operation. They are equipped with physical security, the best access control systems and many air conditioning systems to ensure a constant operating temperature.

Two types of migration are available:  physically moving your own server to a Data Center (collocation) or transferring data to a virtual server in a shared cloud. Details on both solutions are given below:

  1. ⦁ Collocation (installing your own or rented physical servers in a dedicated rack in a Data Center)


    • the highest level of data security
    • fixed maintenance costs after a one-time purchase of hardware,
    • the possibility of using "non-cloud" licenses


      • quite high initial costs associated with the need to purchase hardware
      • no permanent physical access to the equipment 24/7,
      • in the event of equipment failure, the maintenance costs increase.

  1. ⦁ shared cloud virtual machine (VM):


    • fixed monthly maintenance costs (easy way to determine the annual budget),
    • high resource flexibility
    • no additional costs related to the modernisation of the environment (the DataCenter owner installs the latest processors, RAM and disks).


    • relatively high maintenance costs in the long run,
    • servers operate in a shared DataCenter environment,
    • need to use monthly billed licenses.

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