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Case Study

Akropol Inwestycje – solving the problem with the company's email service

The e-mail in your company is not working as you would expect it to? See how we solved the problem for one of our clients.


  • problem with emails – spam, large attachments, no backup
  • we have suggested the implementation of the Google Workspace solution to ensure e-mail security, access to history, anti-spam filters and, additionally, group work on files and shared calendars
  • przeniesienie poczty firmowej zostało zrealizowane w sposób gwarantujący ciągłość pracy, a przez krótki czas rekonfiguracji komputerów dostęp do maili był poprzez przeglądarkę internetową 

Acropolis Investments asked us to solve a problem with the corporate email service – inboxes were littered with spam, there was also a shortage of space due to the need to send large files, and emails were not backed up.

We decided to introduce a scalable enterprise-class Google Workspace solution that provides e-mail security, access to history and effective anti-spam filters. Additionally, group work on files and shared calendars have been implemented, which is the added value of the new solution.

The change was introduced in the following stages:

  • preparing a list of employees and functional mailboxes
  • cost optimisation by selecting the appropriate method for functional mailbox operations – mailing list or shared mailboxes do not generate additional costs
  • migration of messages to a new solution
  • redirection of mailboxes to new servers
  • reconfiguration of email programs on the company's computers – for a short time while the reconfiguration was being implemented, email was available via a web browser

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