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Bezpłatny webinar Direct IT o zabezpieczeniu firmy przed cyberatakami, Acronis, Dagma

How to protect a company against cyber attacks and ensure its business continuity?

We invite you to a free Direct IT webinar. We discuss the current IT threat challenges and how to counteract them. Learn about a reliable backup solution for any business. The risk of losing important data is business-wide and can lead to costly downtime, customer disappointment, statutory penalties and lost profits. Acronis Cyber Backup is a data protection solution that can meet the requirements of any enterprise. It ensures your company's business continuity by protecting any [...]

Ochrona komputera przed atakami hakerskimi i malware

Cyber threats related to the war in Ukraine

The Russia's war against Ukraine is associated with numerous threats to our country as well, in particular in terms of increasing cyber attacks and the spreading of malware.  In this regard, we remind you of a few basic cybersecurity principles: Keep your software up-to-date. The use of well-known vulnerabilities in older versions of software is the most common and easiest way to launch a hacking attack. Use strong passwords and two-level authentication. It is worth using secured software to store passwords [...]