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Stos laptopów zebranych w trakcie zbiórki na cele charytatywne

Collection of computer equipment for refugees from Ukraine

For two years now, Direct IT, with the support of our clients, has been helping children under the care of the Motyle association hospice. During this time, we have managed to prepare and hand over several dozen desktops and laptops for remote learning. We also want to support the facilities and institutions that help refugees, as well as the Ukrainian families fleeing to Poland. The equipment will be used both in the daily activities related to the formalities and to remote learning, and by the people staying in Poland to contact their families.

Therefore, if you have equipment that you can donate for free or for a symbolic amount, e.g. PLN 5, that meets the minimum requirements for the convenient use of the Internet and Google Docs office software, then just call us. For our part, we will check and, if necessary, slightly improve the technical configuration of the computers and prepare them for their further use. We will also announce your help in posts on Facebook and LinkedIn as well as on our website.

Oto The minimum specification of the donated equipment:

  • ⦁ laptop or computer with an Intel Core-i3 processor or higher (maximum 10 years old)
  • undamaged hard disk with a capacity of more than 120 GB
  • USB or wireless keyboard (not for the ps/2 connector, i.e. the round plug)
  • USB or wireless mouse (not PS/2, i.e. round plug)
  • LCD/LED monitor 17” or bigger
  • speakers (working)
  • headphones with microphone (new)
  • USB web camera (working)

If you have such equipment, but you are concerned that the donation in your case requires some legal, accounting or tax formalities, then please let us know or contact the Foundation for Legal Education experts directly – they support us in this respect.

Remember that even if your equipment is missing a part, we will also be glad to accept and repair it. We encourage you to join our campaign. Donors are asked to contact us at the following address: [email protected]